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Vegas Adventures: A Memorable Trip for the Johnson's Wedding Celebration

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

By: Shayla Kemp June 20, 2023

Introduction: Recently, my husband and I embarked on an exciting journey to Las Vegas for his best friend's wedding. From our stay at the Hilton Resort World Hotel to exploring the vibrant city, it was an unforgettable experience. In this blog, I'll share the highlights of our trip, from luxurious accommodations to delicious dining, and the unexpected twists along the way.

Hilton Resort World Hotel: A Gorgeous Stay with a View

We checked into the Hilton Resort World Hotel, where we were greeted with stunning views of the iconic Las Vegas Strip. The room was tastefully decorated, featuring beautiful lighting and decor. While the room lacked an Alexa and electric curtains like its competitor, Wynn, the overall experience was fantastic. The hotel's exquisite interior design and the array of boutiques and shops within the premises added an extra touch of luxury.

Nectar Bath Treats: The store was irresistibly cute, resembling a bakery filled with delightful treats. However, upon closer inspection, I discovered that they were actually meticulously crafted bath products designed to look like delicious sweets. From ice cream soap to pie soap, cupcake soaps, and even macaroon soap, they had it all. Not to mention, everything smelled absolutely amazing!

Nectar Bath Treats offers a variety of products, including bath bombs, whipped soap, bath sugar, exfoliating hand soap, and even lip scrubs that you can actually eat! I was ecstatic to place an order to be shipped home, which helped me avoid additional baggage fees at the airport.

The Meet and Greet Extravaganza: Uniting Friends and Family at Hilton Resort World Pools

One of the highlights of the Johnson wedding festivities was the epic meet and greet event held the day before the wedding at the Hilton Resort World pools. Picture this: a beautiful cabana surrounded by the vibrant energy of friends and family coming together in celebration. The ambiance was absolutely delightful, setting the stage for an evening of connection, laughter, and pure joy.

Hidden Gems: Speakeasies and Stunning Views

The night before their wedding, all couples split up to enjoy bachelor/ bachelorette activities. The bride and her crew ventured into a hidden gem, a speakeasy tucked away on an upper level floor. We were escorted by a hotel representative to this secret location. Inside, we found ourselves surrounded by glass windows, offering breathtaking views of Las Vegas and its dazzling city lights. It was a sight to behold and added a touch of glamour to our evening.

Merch Alert: GiselleChanel is in Vegas!

One thing that brought extra joy to our trip was the popularity of my husband's "It's not a dad bod, it's a father figure" shirt. He received countless compliments, and it was the perfect opportunity to forward people to my website for purchases. It was great seeing him enjoy being a model and spreading some laughs along the way.

Eating Experiences: From PepperMill to Galpaos Steakhouse

PepperMill, known for its chill atmosphere and cozy waiting lounge, served us a delicious meal. The portions were generous, and the experience was made even better by the exceptional breakfast at Blueberry Hill Restaurant. However, the absence of a microwave in our Hilton Resort World room meant we couldn't enjoy leftovers later, which was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, Galpaos Steakhouse stole the show with its exquisite food, including bacon-wrapped pork, lamb, and delectable sweet pineapple. It's a steakhouse I highly recommend.

Shayonce Transformation: Kiss&Makeup Artistry's Flawless Touch

During our trip to Vegas for the wedding, I had the pleasure of getting my makeup done by the talented DeeAnn from Kiss&Makeup Artistry. Let me tell you, the results were absolutely stunning and my face was completely "beat to the gods"! If you're in the DFW area, I highly recommend reaching out to her for your makeup needs.

The Wedding: Luxury and Intimacy at Wynn Hotel

The couple's ceremony took place at the chic and intimate chapel inside the Wynn hotel. It was a beautiful setting that added an extra touch of luxury to their special day.

After-Wedding Turn Up at Club Drais: Rick Ross, Bottles Poppin'

After the wedding ceremony, the celebration continued at Club Drais, with Rick Ross headlining the night, the atmosphere was electric, setting the stage for an incredible after-party.We secured a prime section in the club, enabling us to see Rick Ross up close and personal! Bottles were popped, and the good times flowed as we embraced the moment to the fullest. Even for someone like me, who rarely ventures into the club scene, I found myself turning up alongside everyone else. It became a playful running joke that I thought I was wiggling. But hey, in my mind, I was the life of the party!

Unexpected Challenges: Flight Cancellations and Terrible Customer Service

Unfortunately, our return journey hit a bump when our Sun Country flight was canceled due to terrible weather in Dallas, TX. The customer service we received was horrendous, with desk agents failing to provide alternative flights or reimbursement for a hotel. Determined not to stay stranded, we booked a flight with AA for the following day and found accommodations at the Strat Hotel, known for its great deals. WE HAD THE LIVEST UBER <---Karaoke and lights!!!! However, once we arrived at The Strat, the atmosphere was quite different from the Wynn and Hilton Resort World (oooo weeee ...wasn't used to that lol) but, the food at their 24-hour cafe was exceptional.

Conclusion: Our Vegas trip for the wedding celebration was an adventure filled with incredible memories. From the luxurious accommodations to the exciting nightlife, we experienced the best that Vegas had to offer. Despite the challenges we faced during our return journey, the overall experience was filled with adventure, good food, and cherished moments. Congratulations again to one of our favorite couples, The Johnsons! Thanks for allowing us to share this special moment with you!

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