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Navigating the World of Social Media as a Mom: Embracing the Challenge & Optimizing Aesthetics

By: Shayla Kemp June 27, 2023


As a 33-year-old entrepreneur, wife, and mother, my life is filled with exciting responsibilities. My daughters have always expressed a desire to have their own YouTube channel, but recently, their determination and commitment to the idea became more evident. This ignited a deeper interest within me to explore the world of social media content creation and management. In this journey, I've found value in using Linktree to streamline my social media profiles. Despite previously having a presence on various platforms, my personal posting frequency lacked consistency. However, venturing into this new territory alongside my daughters has become an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience. Let me share the details of our journey so far.

Embracing the Transition:

As we embarked on this social media journey, I discovered that my girls possessed a remarkable ability to step outside the box, showcasing their humor, personality, and sass in our videos. It was evident that they understood the assignment. Meanwhile, I found myself facing a new assignment of my own – understanding the dynamics of social media and learning from high-performing influencers.

Understanding the Audience:

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned is the importance of understanding our audience. Different platforms have unique demographics and peak posting times. For example, TikTok's prime time may not align with Facebook or Instagram, and let's not forget about YouTube. It's a juggling act to ensure we are present across all platforms consistently.

Consistency Is Key:

Consistency emerged as a fundamental principle in building an audience. While some experts recommend posting three times a day, the real key lies in finding a posting frequency that suits your schedule while maintaining regularity. I, too, have faced challenges in consistency but realized that it's essential to keep pushing forward.

The Surprise of Effort vs. Performance:

One intriguing aspect of this journey has been observing the performance of different posts. I've noticed that some of my meticulously crafted content has received only a few hundred views, while a quick and effortless post garnered over 1,000 views. This taught me valuable lessons about my audience and the importance of adapting to their preferences.

Discovering My Brand:

Amidst this learning process, I have been reflecting on my personal brand. As a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, a devout believer in God's promises, and a wife and mother, I hold a unique identity. I am a graphic designer, instructional designer, and blogger, passionate about 90s R&B, traveling, shopping, beauty, and sharing my lifestyle. My daughters' creativity and our family adventures also shape my content. Understanding my brand helps me connect with both my current and ideal audience effectively.

The Joys of Motherhood:

Despite the challenges, I couldn't be prouder of my girls and the growth they've shown. This social media journey has allowed them to embrace their creativity, develop confidence, and learn valuable skills. Together, we've created a bond and shared experiences that will be cherished forever.


As I continue this exciting journey of exploring social media content creation and management alongside my daughters, I am reminded of the importance of understanding my audience, maintaining consistency, and embracing the surprises along the way. It's an ever-evolving process that demands adaptability and a genuine connection with our viewers. With each step, I grow as a mother, entrepreneur, and content creator. I am Shayla, CEO of Giselle Chanel, Matthew's wife, and Mila and Mati's mama, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for us on this social media adventure.

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