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Welcome to Giselle Chanel, founded in 2019 by Shayla Kemp. Inspired by the creativity of my two beautiful daughters, Giselle and Chanel, who share their names with this business, I'm a passionate graphic designer, creative entrepreneur, author, illustrator, and creator of journals, planners, and a variety of other items. 

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With a love for all things creative, I thrive on transforming ideas into stunning realities. Whether you need captivating t-shirt designs, standout resumes, inspiring art pieces, instructional courses, or a range of beautifully designed products, such as journals, planners, and more, I'm here to make it happen. From logos that capture your brand's essence to engaging visuals for social media, and from illustrations that ignite imagination to functional and stylish items that complement your lifestyle, I create designs and products that leave a lasting impression.


Contact me to discuss your project and stay updated by subscribing and following me on social media. Together, we'll ignite creativity in every aspect!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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